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Soap Brow

I love this style of brows, they definitely suit my face shape very well, however I wish they weren’t as shiny because I have problems finding a setting powder that will lessen the shinyness

Wig review

I have purchased a total of two wigs from baldie bean, the first wig I purchased was the curly wig and I followed all the correct videos on how to properly take care of the wig. The hair matted so bad when I washed it , curls were so mated quickly it wasn’t able to be saved I am disappointed and discouraged I am new to wearing wigs and I am upset being charged and not being able to wear one. I reached out and sent photos to the contact support few months ago and was told to send back in the wig so I did. I reached out to follow up to see if they received it send multiple emails and month goes by I finally get a answer from someone and my account never was refund for the order I used the after pay account. I placed another order for the second wig I was so excited to place another order it was on the Black Friday sale. I still haven’t received my wig yet I reached out to see an update when it will be sent out few weeks go by no response. And asking them to just cancel this wig order cause I am upset about how I never received a refund on the first wig I purchased. Then I get a email saying they have it on hold and won’t send a refund for the 2 nd wig I have never received yet.. I am being charged for two wigs and making payments on one wig I returned and the other I never received.


I’ve had trichotillomania since I was a kid and eyebrows have always struggled with eyebrows. I’ve tried filling them in and microblading, but they never looked realistic. I was always super self-conscious about my brows. These temporary tattoo brows are a life saver! They gone on so easily and look like actual hair. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my eyebrows and no one realizes they’re a tattoo. People are super shocked when I tell them since they thought it was actual hair. I would 1000% recommended these and since using them I’ve gotten my life back.

So amazing

My mom hasn’t been able to grow her eyebrows in years and it really stresses her out drawing them on so we decided to try these out and she loves them They look so real She was shocked because she hasn’t seen anything close to her real eyebrows in years because she’s been drawing them on She didn’t even know what to think at first but she absolutely loved them and she is definitely gonna buy them again

No more brow beating my face!

When I found these brow tattoo’s from Chloebean, I was amazed. I suffer from hypothyroidism, and have no eyebrows. I saw her Tik Tok videos several times, and finally I decided to get some. Oh my gosh!! The best thing around since butter on bread! Easy to apply, and I remove with her scotch tape method. I don’t worry about them when they are on, I sweat, wash, and do things that would make me concerned my makeup brows would come off! Nope. These stay put. The longest time period was 2 weeks. Too sick and too navel to do anything. They lasted. At the time of the 2 weeks they had just started to flake at the edges. So, removed them and put new ones on. Wow. I have no higher praise than this. These are the BEST PRODUCT FOR NO BROWS EVER. I will forever use these. They look natural, and the color is perfect. People have no clue, they are tattoos! Thank you, Chloe, THANK YOU!!! 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌞🌞🌞🌞🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Wow, these are amazing!

I have been a browless wonder ever since Gwen Stefani made thin brows all the rage. I’ve had microblading done twice and they’ve faded into misshapen stencils. I ordered the black arched brows in hopes that these wouldn’t look weird on me. They are fabulous- the tricky part for me is using concealer to cover the tails of my remaining microblading because they’re much lower than these. I also removed some of the hairs on the insides of the brow overlay to better fit my face. Super impressed with these- what a game changer!

Baldie Bean Beauty
Annabel Pinter
Amazing quality

I was very surprised at how waterproof these brows actually are. And they withstand my makeup wipes so 10000% will be buying again. My only complaint is that there aren’t thinner styles but hopefully in the future

Baldie Bean Beauty
C Espinoza Villanueva

This is my second review after trying a different stlye of brow tatoo. I cannot emphasize more that the QUALITY CONTROL of Baldiebean keeps me referring customers yo BALDIEBEAN. I meet a LOT of young women working at Palomar Community College and the focus on eyebrows is intense. Other sellers on Amazon CANNOT MATCH the QUALITY CONTROL of BALDIEBEAN. BALDIEBEAN HAS CONSISTANT SIZE. I am so incredibly satisfied that I also referring young men. Sent picture by email. By the way I'm 65 and I've had no face lift so the brows REALLY brighten my face!!! Won't go out without Baldiebeans Brows!

Fabulous, product surpasses highest expectations!

I have sparse brows and lashes due to being diagnosed as immunocomprimised for decades. I am 65 and had my brows tattooed 7 years ago. I went to a top of the line gal who did not measure ( freehand) and one brow is much higher than the other and much shorter. At that time $750. should have bought more expertise. I was very disappointed because I have to do my brows everyday to make them somewhat even. I came accross Baldiebean on YouTube. I had no idea eyebrow stick on tatooes existed. I bought them immediately. I tried to attach my picture but the app didnt function correctly so I sent the picture via email to Baldiebean. The tapered black was large enough to lay over the deformed brow and make it resemble the other more accurately placed and shaped brow. All my family looked at me very closely and they were shocked that I had NOT had my brows bladed. I had to practice a bit to get used to applying them, which is expected. I have experimented with layering two different styles to vary the look. They last easily 3 or 4 days. I shaved the last of my brow hair off to allow for a more tight application. I cannot begin to express the immense satisfaction I have with these eyebrows and BALDIEBEANS QUALITY CONTROL. I very quickly noticed that the wholesale manufacturer is careful to supply to Baldiebean CONSISTANTLY SIZED eyebrow tattoos. The lens setting for Baldiebeans competitors on Amazon is angled and there is crappy size consistency. It is NOT WORTH the money to buy from anyone else other than Baldiebean if at least for the benefit of PRODUCT CONSISTANCY. It may be a benefit when BALDIEBEAN has an opportunity to create size categories and mix black and brown for enhanced depth perception. I immediately have referred other customers to the Baldiebean website and caution them to ONLY buy BALDIEBEANS product due to the attention Baldiebean pays to consistency of size. By the way if I may suggest, my autoimmune issues have dramatically improved with a strict elimination diet. ( see Dr. Barry YouTube or Mayo Clinic) Our food supply has dramatically changed since I was 20. I am a manufacturer and statician by trade. I have worked on the manufacturing equipment of processed food producers. Nutients are deleted during the processing of foods today. Nutrient dense Real Foods have allowed me to drop all meds., drastically reducing inflammation. I may not get my brows or lashes to grow back but my hair is recovering, nails are much thicker and my lifetime chronic debilitating allergies are completely gone. Documentation at Scripps Torrey Pines Hospital readily available.


I love these!!!Winner!!winner!!!

Baldie Bean Beauty
Leyri Kierstead

Easy to put on, the eyebrow hairs look similar to a microblading effect but there is hair scarcely in a lot of areas making you fill in those bald spots. The brows are also kinda shiny, I had to apply concealer to make them look a bit more realistic, but I'm happy 😊

Baldie Bean Beauty
Lynn Campbell
So happy

I just recvd my eyebrows ( I bought the variety pack in black)! I was nervous at first, but omg I am sooo happy with them and had to share so others can get them! I have alopecia & lost all my brows & lashes, and these give me confined again!!!!


So great!

I love my beanie so much! I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was little. I think/feel so great that there are other people out there making alopecia cool and making it beautiful. I thought I was the only one with alopecia out until I found Chloe, then I realized that there are so so many people out there with different types of alopecia.
Thank you so much Chloe!

Extremely happy!!

I CANNOT believe how good these look! I was skeptical but figured if I didn't like them, they're only $9. I have very sparse brows and am very self-conscious about them. I've been filling them in for the last 25 years; trying every kind of brow liner I could find to make them look as realistic as possible. I have super oily skin and by midday, my eyebrows are melting off my face and I don't dare touch them for fear of them rubbing off. I've been filling them in for so long that I'm now so afraid for anyone to see my natural brows. (I know, I should see a therapist.)

But now I've found Baldie Brows and I feel like I could cry. They look so realistic! Quick and easy to apply; even over my existing brow hair. I sent a picture to my sisters and told them to ZOOM IN! You can't tell they aren't real! Thank you, so much, for this awesome product. I'm much more comfortable going out in pubic with these.

Baldie Bean Beauty
Suzanne Newman
Perfect for kids too!

Ordered the baldie brows for my 5 year old daughter. I was nervous that they would be too big for her face, but ordered them anyway. I have to say that I definitely made the right decision. She absolutely loves them. The smile and excitement on her face is everything. If you're a parent who is skeptical on purchasing, please do it.. you won't regret it!.

Pleasantly surprised!

I just received mine in the mail today.. had to try them right away ( even though I wasn’t headed anywhere lol ) Ok, so my normal routine is to lay what little brows I have down with a little non toxic glue stick or a little bit of clear lash glue then brush on my Mac paint pot then a little setting powder…. So for this I kept my prep steps the same. Cleaned brow area, lay them with the glue… I have the ones that transition.. they looked the most natural to me. I applied as instructed…. And I had to laugh a little bit because they looked a little funny only because of the size….. For my face sharpe and forehead size, I actually needed them to be a little wider and longer… however, if I needed to rush out.. I could still get away with it…

So I brush a little setting powder over then to dull the shine and add just a touch of my Mac paint pot to extend them and widen them…. And just like that I was done… I put a little foundation around them to cover up any residue from the glue stick and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I didn’t have to take the time to create a complete shape by hand. I wiped my finger over my brows, not even the paint pot came off. Also the paint pot dulled what ever shine was left that the loose powder didn’t get. Next time I will try the straight or the natural…. Even if one stood in front of me and observed my face, one still wouldn’t detect that these are stickers…… Photo below

Absolutely amazed!

I thought I'd give these a try. I got arched black and they look so real and you can't tell there not real! So impressed! Now testing out how well they stay on. Super easy to apply! Will definitely be stocking up!

Baldie Bean Beauty
Ashley Perry

My brows never came back all the way after chemo a few years ago. Micro blading doesn’t stay and these are the first brows that have looked natural and beautiful! I love them so much and will keep using them!!!

So realistic!

So I have had localised alopecia aerate specifically in my eyebrows and hairline for about 10 years now and it has been such a struggle.

Worrying about accidentally wiping my brows off was such a huge concern for me that it stopped me from going out with friends or doing anything social. THESE BROWS ARE AMAZING. I wish they lasted forever 😂 but the 2 days that i get out of them (i sleep on my face) is amazing. They’re easy to put on and they look so realistic that sometimes i still stand in the mirror staring at them for nearly an hour!

Thank you so much for giving me such a HUGE part of my confidence back. This means so so much to me!

Great Brows for Tattoo Cover Up

These brows are incredible. I had my brows tattoo’d on 14 years ago and luckily had the pigment hold for long time. I wanted an option for fullness without committing to micro blading and these brows made my dreams come true! The shape covers my tattoo and the old tattoo doesn’t make the brow look too dark. I’ve tried Black-01 and Black-07 and just ordered Black-08. You will fall in love with these brows. Thank you Chloe for your creative genius; it is changing lives!

Baldie Bean Beauty
Samantha Johnson

I couldn’t wait for my brows to arrive I was nervous because there are only two shades so I ordered both a brown and black in two different styles the soap and the straight :) I have dark brown hair between the brown and black shades so I hope Chloe adds a middle brown shade…fingers crossed! I was sooooo nervous putting on the brow tattoo I didn’t want it to turn out wonky but I took my time did my wet towel countdown and when I took the towel down I could have cried!!! I’ve accepted my no brow look (a fellow baldie baddie!) but having a perfect pair of brows in a minute the renewed confidence it gave me was incredible!!! 5/5 Chloe so amazing!


I've had very sparse eyebrows since my late teenage years because of my sisters who used me as a guinea pig plucking, waxing and shaving mine when I was young lol 😂. For years I've had to draw on, paint on, color on my brows and just wing it which has always been so so frustrating and complicated!! Baldiebean tattoo brows are GAME CHANGERS!!! Ive been using them now for two months and love love love them! Very easy to put on or take off. I personally cut them out very close to the shape of the brow and put them on my face first to see if they are even on both sides then apply the water. I highly recommend this brand. I also got another brand on the internet to see if I liked them but I love Baldie the best. Color is great too! Sometimes I add a little powder here n there if I put them on a little crooked as you can see and some of my photos. I get the brown. I can't recommend this brand enough!

Baldie Bean Beauty
Jess Garcia
Its a thing!

If your eyebrows are not thick it looks bombe. I didn't even expect it. I ordered more! In the photo I’m wearing the style tapered